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WireGUIde is a graphical user interface for WireGuard:

It makes use of:

Thanks to Jan Bodnar of for the valuable tutorial on wxPython dialogs:

Thanks to CoreUI for providing a free and open source WireGuard Icon:


WireGUIde requires a fairly recent version of network-manager, and of course wireguard support. For example, while wireguard is available from buster-backports, network-manager for Debian Buster is too old (1.14.6). WireGUIde is known to work on Debian and Ubuntu versions with network-manager >= 1.22.10. That means that it will work on Debian Bullseye, Ubuntu Focal and Ubuntu Groovy. Other distros have not been tested yet, but should work if the software running is sufficiently new.

Also: make sure you are using resolvconf and systemd-resolvd otherwise NetworkManager might empty /etc/resolv.conf when you remove the last tunnel:

sudo apt install resolvconf
sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved.service


It is no longer recommended to install using pip or the previous created appimage, since this project uses dependencies that are not easily packaged using universal binaries or python packaging (infact appimages and pip project has been removed). Instead the native debian/rpm package is recommended:

rpm-package is generated using alien, please let me know if it does not work for you.


sha256sum File
45d7a3be447abc70f9350e876219ab036e6b3313d431aa1e2828cdc76bad47e4 wireguide-0.2.1-1.x86_64.rpm
1cb81e579f7e2717c5b8901dbc392377cabbdebdeb36d158081b7796a93cbfac wireguide_0.2.1_all.deb
e8cb29b5e8a54165e94133324ac90193269c0c5e54e355d6f8e52c8fc404d537 wireguide_0.2.1_amd64.buildinfo
3f32d95e882c783fd0b8dfa86894fa0a4ba4be8c16e7e90ef7e14b1d5cd31da7 wireguide_0.2.1_amd64.changes
70459c058ccfa02a3482c1bf79088b712dd72bbdf578507527c69e95981e019b wireguide_0.2.1.dsc
328340e76b3c4024863fdbaac0cd0ef5ccdd4e312ce2f739022536ec98fd028e wireguide_0.2.1.git


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