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WireGUIde is a graphical user interface for WireGuard:

It makes use of:

Thanks to Jan Bodnar of for the valuable tutorial on wxPython dialogs:

Thanks to CoreUI for providing a free and open source WireGuard Icon:


WireGUIde requires a fairly recent version of network-manager, and of course wireguard support. For example, while wireguard is available from buster-backports, network-manager for Debian Buster is too old (1.14.6). WireGUIde is known to work on Debian and Ubuntu versions with network-manager >= 1.22.10. That means that it will work on Debian Bullseye, Ubuntu Focal and Ubuntu Groovy. Other distros have not been tested yet, but should work if the software running is sufficiently new.

Also: make sure you are using resolvconf and systemd-resolvd otherwise NetworkManager might empty /etc/resolv.conf when you remove the last tunnel:

sudo apt install resolvconf
sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved.service


It is no longer recommended to install using pip or the previous created appimage, since this project uses dependencies that are not easily packaged using universal binaries or python packaging. Instead the native debian/rpm package is recommended:


sha256sum File
6c364077cbe26281dc0abe6b2d7e53b5e5409be87953ad6133a901b8e36d5dba wireguide_0.2.0_all.deb
8662dde8a7f7cfc6d21e3619398a089acbff3662174d493245d7e2e1b8f88dcb wireguide_0.2.0_amd64.buildinfo
32b291e2c419db68bbc9d21127c59626fe9035b0b1071bbc007fb4dc7c415719 wireguide_0.2.0_amd64.changes
d8ca89905b6b94a3b4d073409ddc27d5b6ffa3e97278b6057d103b76080009ca wireguide_0.2.0.dsc
1a5ea92bad68a55628094bccbbf4a6c35a64becccc3f6c9a57373c76f01b0ac6 wireguide_0.2.0.git
36f8fabffad0354518c5bcfe3a502d146131c41ab119d8cc1dbb750f4b056cb5 wireguide-0.2.0-2.noarch.rpm


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